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Battlefield 3 Fight of the Undefeated

This week sees two titan teams in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg clash head to head, as [TE]Infamous take on bvd.BF3 later this week. The provisional time is set for Thursday, but has yet to be confirmed.

Bvd.BF3 is one up on the The Elite squad by not only being undefeated in the Winter Leg, but rather the entire DGL 2013 so far. The [TE]Infamous side has shown that they are ready to grasp a podium finish with both hands, but face increasingly hard opponents as they enter the final few weeks of the Leg.

Do Gaming caught up with Sean “ScopeR” McCalgan, a member and local streamer for bvd.BF3, and Justin “Poepol!” Eloff from [TE]Infamous, to get their feelings on the upcoming match. Here’s what they thought:

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

Do Gaming (DG): How has TE/bvd been enjoying their Winter Leg run so far? With two weeks left in the Winter Leg and still three undefeated teams, do you feel the competition is tighter than previous Legs?

Eloff: Yes, we have definitely been enjoying the Winter Leg. We were given a nice line-up, starting off with the weaker teams and steadily building up as the leg goes on, giving us a nice chance to get to grips with some new players and strats before facing the big guns.

The competition is definitely closer this leg; RFH and BzK have been performing very well. I'd say there is still a bit of skill gap in Prem, but the middle of the group is very close. Teams are fighting hard for those third and fourth spots. NSD and BvD are still just that bit out of reach for the moment.

McCalgan: The Winter leg has been an interesting experience in so far as facing all the teams with their new line-ups goes. I think the community as a whole has been eagerly waiting to see how everyone performs and certain teams like TE and RFH have been underestimated at times. I think most teams have improved from prior seasons, and it shows in how some of the top teams have been threatened on various occasions by the lower seed sides.

DG: Week Seven sees bvd.BF3 facing down [TE]Infamous, two undefeated sides so far in the Winter leg. How do you feel going into this matchup? How do you rate your chances?

Eloff: It's going to be a tough game this week. The scoreboard is a bit misleading, as we have had a decent line up for teams this leg. The big games are in the coming week, so it's time to prove ourselves.

We are actually very much undecided how we feel about the game. Rico “Ricochet_ZA” Kleynhans (our captain) is obviously very optimistic and up for the challenge, then there are some who are less optimistic. My personal take is, we have a chance. It's not out of reach, but it's definitely a long shot. If we have some luck in the game and we do well in the map eliminations, it's possible. We will definitely give it our best to make them work for their win!

McCalgan: Not to take anything away from TE (I think they've improved as well), but they haven't yet faced the top three sides and I think their hardest challenges are still to be faced. We are always confident of coming out on top in any engagement and will put in the practice to make sure we can achieve that.

DG: Bravado Battlefield 3 has proven themselves to be an incredibly strong side over the last two years. What do you think makes the Bravado line-up so strong? (teamwork/communication/execution?)

Eloff: It's all of the above really. They have a good mix of players, all good in their respective positions and they all have lots of experience, not only in BF but in the competitive scene as a whole.

A good team in my opinion has a combination of having the right players, personalities and experience. Get those right and you're already half way to having a Premier team. I believe Bvd have that combination and they have been working on being the best since the start. They play well together, they have a wealth of experience locally and internationally, so it just kind of makes sense that they are such a strong team.

McCalgan: Our team line-up has remained very stable through the two years of BF3 and the core structure hasn't changed with myself and Barry ‘Anthrax’ Louzada leading our respective squads. We make sure that everyone in the team has a chance to voice their opinions on strategies and potential improvements, and we work hard at fine tuning the little things from game to game. I think more than anything it comes down to the understanding of the game and thinking on your feet that I feel our guys are comfortable with.

If McCalgan is able to stream (he has been struggling with line stability), you will be able to watch the game as it happens over on his Twitch.TV stream:

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