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Battlefield 3 Bravado Remains on Top

In what can only be described as an epic encounter last night, bvd.BF3 managed to outwit the [NSD]Sons Of Liberty side in their final match of the Winter Leg to put themselves in provisional first place for the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg.

This means bvd.BF3 has kept their unbeaten record in the 2013 DGL and has taken both the Summer and Winter Legs for BF3. On top of that, they now have approximately three games to win if they are to achieve a titanic landmark of 50 straight wins in the DGL over the past few years in the various Battlefield games.

Barry “Anthrax” Louzada is extremely proud of his team for overcoming the [NSD]Sons of Liberty team, as it was a tough match for both teams. Bravado had a rocky start to the first map, Tehran, after Sean “ScopeR” McCalgan accidentally got the APC stuck on a ledge, giving [NSD]Sons of Liberty the map control they needed to fight back, and eventually managed to beat bvd.BF3 in round one by a four ticket margin.

The Bravado side knew mistakes happen, and still felt confident to take round two of the first map, even though it was the harder side to win. They managed to do exactly that, taking round two by a significant 99 point margin, giving them the map one victory.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

The second map saw [NSD]Sons of Liberty fighting back with purpose, as they managed to capitalise on bvd.BF3’s mistakes, and played extremely well on Bazaar, a map they were clearly very comfortable on. Louzada commented that even though Bravado made some mistakes, all credit must be given to the Never Say Die squad for playing extremely well, and deserved the map win.

This tied us up at one map apiece, and sent us through a third and deciding map, to be played on Metro. In the words of Louzada, Metro is “our map”, and the bvd.BF3 side showed exactly why they are so confident Metro by putting in two great performances to take both rounds of the deciding match, and ultimately giving them the 2 – 1 victory over [NSD]Sons of Liberty.

[NSD]Sons of Liberty vs. bvd.BF3

Map One, Tehran:

  • [NSD]SoL (US) 4 - 0 (RU) bvd.BF3
  • bvd.BF3 (US) 99 – 0 (RU) [NSD]SoL

Map Two, Bazaar:

  • bvd.BF3 (US) 0 – 79 (RU) [NSD]SoL
  • [NSD]SoL (US) 124 – 0 (RU) bvd.BF3


  • [NSD]SoL (US) 0 - 202 (RU) bvd.BF3
  • bvd.BF3 193 – 0 (RU) [NSD]SoL

Looking forward, Louzada feels extremely confident that his team will be able to hit a Do Gaming League first and get to the 50 victory streak, a feat they should accomplish sometime during the DGC later this year. He went on to say, “The level of game play has increased drastically out there and the teams are definitely getting tougher, but I am completely confident in my teams ability to over come.”

With all the matches now done and dusted in the BF3 DGL Winter Leg, we should have the finalised results within the next few days. Here are the provisional results:

Battlefield 3 Provisional Results:

  • bvd.BF3
  • [NSD]Sons of Liberty
  • eLement - Lithium
  • BzK - Furia
  • [TE]Infamous
  • [SSG]Umshiniwam
  • RFH Black Legion
  • Pew Pew Rampokkers
  • [SiB]Hammer
  • [grrr]Baggers

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