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ASF; Bravado Through to BF3 DGC 2012 Final

While Bravado and SSG UW were battling it out in the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championship (DGC) 2012, ASF and Gs were going head to head with ASF eventually taking the win, despite a Gs team that fought hard and skilfully.

The best-of-three semi fired off on Sienne Crossing with ASF playing the Russians and Gs the US. It was mostly a one-sided affair as ASF manage to enjoy more possession of the flags, although there was a significant push back from Gs towards the end of the round.

As is typical with Sienne, the teams kept swopping two flags until the end. Gs began to swing things back from 115 – 50 to ASF as they began to close the gap. But in the end it wasn't enough to take the round, setting ASF up nicely.

Meanwhile, Bravado and SSG UW hopped onto Metro with the former playing as the US – known to be the harder side to play on this map. SSG UW held the upper hand with 223 tickets to Bravado's 152 but things then swung the other way around sharply as Bravado took B, dropping the tickets to 147 each rather quickly and then enjoying the upper hand from that point onwards.

For the second round, it was SSG who managed to keep two points – especially B – with Bravado losing tickets fast. Bravado were pushing and seemed visibly tired and lost the round (SSG had 65 tickets while Bravado had zero) but their big win in the first round of 111 to 0 scored them the map.

Bravado Bravado

Onto the second map for ASF and Gs, which the former dominated very well on Bazaar. The second round of the map was an interesting affair as the team knew they were in the final by the time they reached 172 – 83, with just two tickets to go to secure their spot, and the team began to feel very comfortable and began to banter with each other. Meanwhile, Gs took advantage of their loss of focus, leaving ASF Aquila captain, Joel 'JokeR' Perdigao, in the position to pull his team back into gear.

The push back didn't get Gs a win, but it did show some clear leadership from Perdigao in keeping the discipline in his team. It also showed just how dedicated Gs were to getting to the final and, overall, made for a great semi.

ASF enjoyed a total ticket count of 202 over Gs's 0 on Bazaar, while Bravado and SSG hopped onto Damavand Peak and Bravado's first round win of 111 and second round win of 108 gave them a 219 to zero win for the map and secured them the Final.

This brought the day's festivities on Battlefield 3 to an end as we head towards a great Final tomorrow. ASF Aquila and Bravado are in many ways two teams that gamers expected to see in this position. But will ASF break Bravado's winning streak? We'll see tomorrow.

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