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Battlefield 3 Playoffs: An Overview so far

With the Battlefield 3 teams having until 3 May to play all their matches in the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg Playoffs, the two groups of four have already seen some clashes so far, with potential deciders for some teams.

Teams are fighting it out for a spot in the Premier Division for the Winter Leg, and only the top two teams from each group will go through, with the bottom two being relegated down to First Division.

Group A:

  • BerZerK Gaming (BzK-Furia)
  • Advanced Special Forces (= ASF=AquilA)
  • Advanced Special Forces (=ASF=Hawks.ECS)
  • HyPrXtreme (HpX | D.E.M.O.N.S)

Group A has seen two of its matches played so far, with =ASF=Hawks.ECS having played two out of their three matches required, against BerZerK Gaming and =ASF=AquilA respectively. With =ASF=Hawks.ECS having lost both of these encounters, with Bezerk Gaming showing a dominant performance and =ASF=Hawks.ECS forfeiting to =ASF=AquilA, this puts =ASF=Hawks.ECS in a very unlikely position to make it into those top two slots with only one game to play.

BerZerK Gaming are the clear frontrunners in Group A, having taken down HpX | D.E.M.O.N.S during the Summer Leg and still needing to play them in the Summer Playoffs. =ASF=AquilA are also sitting pretty, being 1 – 0 in the group so far and having come seventh overall in the Premier Division during the Summer Leg, going 4 – 0 – 5 in one of Do Gaming’s most hotly contested Leagues.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA

Group B:

  • IconiK Gaming (=iK=Syntax)
  • PewPew (PewPewRampokkers)
  • Strength in Brotherhood ([SiB] Hammer)
  • GRRR Squad ([grrr] Baggers)

Group B has only seen one of its matches played, with =iK=Syntax taking down PewPewRampokkers to put them at the top of the log in Group B. =iK=Syntax look to be eager to take that Premier spot, having achieved a perfect 8 – 0 – 0 in the First Division for the Summer Leg.

As for who is going to take the other Premier slot in Group B, it is simply too early to tell with only one match being played so far. The remaining three teams all achieved a mixed bag of results during the Summer Leg, so teams are going to have to step up to the plate if they are looking to take one of those two Premier spots.

With just over three weeks before the Summer Leg Playoffs come to a close, hopefully we shall see some exciting games in the near future as teams battle it out to secure themselves a spot in the Winter Leg Premier Division.

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