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Bo2010: Ventus Victorious

This story was one of the best stories of 2010. To read more about the year that was, read the story: Overview of 2010.

Ventus Gaming have won the Call of Duty 4 Do Gaming LAN Championships, beating BFB laRD 13 – 6 on Strike.

With laRd coming up from the loser’s bracket, they had to win two maps to win the tournament and from the start it looked like it would never happen. LaRd started on defence and they just looked sluggish.

Ventus Gaming CoD4 Ventus Gaming CoD4

Ventus Gaming raced to a 5 – 1 lead before laRd woke up and started rallying. The BFB team managed to fight their way back to 5 – 7 on the fairly evenly balanced map.

The second half was a disaster for laRd. The team went down 1 – 6 to a disciplined Ventus side. LaRd were their own worst enemies with several team kills in the game and some horrible positional play.

It was certainly one of the factors in Ian “ITR” Robertson getting the top score for Ventus Gaming on scope with 22 kills and 9 deaths, followed by Luca “Robohobo” Tucconi with 16 kills and 12 deaths.

Luca "Robohobo" Tucconi Luca "Robohobo" Tucconi

In fact Robertson had to be one of the players of the tournament, getting key kills for his team at key times.

It was Ventus Gaming who took the clutch rounds – usually laRd’s specialty, with Rynier “Cranky” Schoeman not having the impact he had in previous matches.

BFB laRd CoD4 BFB laRd CoD4

In fact all of the laRd players seemed to underperform and in the words of Trevor “qu1k_sh0t” Henry – “We played it like a pickup.”

The cold hard truth is that Ventus Gaming was a well oiled machine who wanted to win and laRd’s happy go-lucky approach just was not enough in the end.

Ventus Gaming CoD4 winners. Ventus Gaming CoD4 winners.

By the admission of one of their own players, laRd were perhaps lucky to win in Cape Town. Henry has infuriated opposing teams on many occasions by claiming his team never practises – and while there is some element of truth in it, it was used more to get under his opposition’s skin.

However this time the line was probably true and laRd just looked disjointed while Ventus were the complete opposite.

BFB laRd runners up winners. BFB laRd runners up winners.

In the end it would have been nice for fans to have the fairy tale ending of having the losing bracket winners winning the first map to force a second map showdown, but Ventus Gaming made sure that didn’t happen and all credit to them for a convincing win.

As the winner, Ventus take home R25 000 in cash, R7 500 for second place in Cape Town and R3 750 in Gaming Inc Incredible Connection vouchers.

Mint Gaming CoD4 third place.

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