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Shase Takes SC2 Online Championship

Travis “Shase” Weedon and Rob “PandaTank” Botha went head to head in the Telkom Do Gaming StarCraft 2 Championship final last night and Weedon took Botha down quite convincingly.

Weedon, from Bravado Gaming, nailed Botha in three straight games in the best of five and secured first place in the Championship, taking home R6000 in cash as the tournament winner. Botha, from Ventus Gaming, took second place overall and walked away with R2200 from the competition.

Marius “Stripe” van der Merwe and Mei “Hank” Leung also had their playoff game last night for third and fourth place and both put on a great show in their best of five series. Van der Merwe from miNt Gaming was able to take the series 3 – 2 over Leung from xTc. Van der Merwe takes third place and R1200 while Leung will be leaving with a secured fourth place and R1000.

Gamers who placed fifth to eighth in the competition will also be receiving prize money and each of the following players will walk away with R600 each:

  • Ryan “CryTT” Odoherty (miNt Gaming)
  • Claudio “Raziel” De Marco (no clan)
  • Gerrit “ZXRP” Goosen (no clan)
  • Samuel Lee “ValpraX” Scott (Ventus Gaming)
This has been a fantastic Championship and players have mentioned numerous times how they have enjoyed it. Do Gaming will be following up with interviews with the players in a forthcoming article.

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