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Brazen Victorious!

Brazen had their toughest game of the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Telkom Do Gaming League Championships at rAge expo 2009, where they squeezed through a win against BFB Lard 13 – 11. Gamers can read the story in picture format here.

For the first time in the competition, Brazen found themselves trailing as Lard rushed ahead on the map Crash. Brazen had to attack first and at one stage they were down 2 – 7 to Lard. It was then 3 –7 and the team was feeling the pressure.

However, Stephen “Vitrolic” White, Brazen Captain, says he was very happy when his team managed to pull back two rounds to make it 5 – 7 at the half.

He believed his team would pull ahead, shouting to them during the game that he wanted at least a 13 – 8 or 13 – 9 win.

However, this was not to be the case. Brazen managed to draw level at 7 – 7, but from there things got really tight. The two sides traded rounds all the way to 10 – 10.

“We were fumbling a lot and feeling the pressure,” says Steyn “Vindicator” Grobler. White adds that they were really battling with grenades with Sean “Roadrunner” Grobler struggling to gain momentum as Lard’s grenades rained down on him.

An aggressive Trevor Quik Henry from BFB Lard.

When Lard took a round to make it 11 – 10, Brazen called a time out and discussed what was not working. They clearly had a problem at A bombsite and White moved over from roaming to help at the bombsite.

At this point it looked like Brazen may lose the game and that Lard were going to push the final to a second game, since the former had not yet lost in the double elimination stages.

At the restart, the Grobler brothers battled a bit, while Max 'fAiTh' Mclaughlin and Michael 'Bl4ck0ut' Ferguson were solid on defence - with White calling loudly. The Brazen team won the next two rounds to make it 12 – 10 to Brazen.

Heavy concentration from Stephen "Vitrolic" White Brazen, Captain.

At this point Lard called a time out to try and re-strategise and disrupt Brazen’s flow.

However, it was not to be as Brazen picked Lard off and it came down to three Brazen players hunting for Greg 'Bambi's Revenge' Ireland. It was Mclaughlin who gunned down Ireland with his Deagle to win it for Brazen.

The team receives R25 000 in prize money from Telkom Do Gaming and some gaming hardware courtesy of Logitech.

Playing in their first rAge tournament, they were definitely the best team in the tournament and, apart from the final, never looked like they were going to lose.

Having won almost every competition this year, it is fitting that they are the champions of the Telkom Do Gaming CoD4 LAN Championship and are now certainly the best CoD4 team in the country.

Brazen celebrating.

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