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Bosch FIFA 10 Grand Final Champ

Saturday evening saw Matthew Bosch, the FIFA 10 road show Johannesburg finalist, take the grand prize in the Telkom / EA FIFA 10 Road Show tournament, after besting Jared Chetty (Port Elizabeth) through a goal scored in the second last minute of the game.

The final games between the winner of the five cities were played in a round-robin format at the Woodlands Boulevard Centre in Pretoria. The top two players then went into a final to decide who would win the prize to see Chelsea take on Arsenal next year in the UK.

Chetty managed to find himself in the grand final on goal difference in a deciding game between Rolando De Aveiro, the Pretoria road show winner, by beating him 7-2. This increased his goal difference dramatically and so he qualified for the grand final game. This was a stroke of luck for Chetty as he had performed poorly in a game against Anthony Lourandos from Cape Town with a score of 4-0 to Lourandos.

On the other hand, Bosch was a consistent winner throughout the day, losing only to De Aveiro 3-5 but winning all his other games well. The closest game was against Chetty earlier in the day in the round robin section with Bosch winning 2-1.

Bosch was confident throughout the day and certainly put in a lot of hard work after winning the Johannesburg leg of the road show.

“I've been practicing about three to four hours a day,” he said before the finals kicked off.

The final awards ceremony.

The Final

The grand final was an incredibly entertaining game with both players consistently pushing hard on the field. Things were evenly matched to about the 28th minute of the game when Bosch, playing as Chelsea, attempted to get the first score but overshot the goal. This put pressure on Chetty, playing as Manchester United, who retaliated by taking an attempt at goals in the next few minutes. But it was intercepted by Bosch's goalkeeper.

The game continued to keep spectators and players on the edge of their seats with Bosch hitting hard against Chetty. A near goal from a corner for Bosch seemed to have frustrated him a bit and he made some bad mistakes right up to the end of the first half. Fortunately for him, these didn't count against him, with the score still sitting at 0-0 by the half-time whistle.

The players launched straight into the second half, with Bosch finally scoring the first goal through some aggressive playing at about 59 minutes into the game. Chetty, however, struck back immediately in the next few minutes, leaving the score tie again at 1-1.

Bosch had another shot on goal soon after that but it was easily prevented by Chetty. However, Chetty couldn't seem to keep up with some brilliant passing from Bosch who continued to play aggressively.

It looked that the game was definitely going to be forced into extra time with both players showing consistent skill, yet Bosch surprised all by clinching the game in the 89th minute by popping the winning goal into the back of the net. Chetty had no opportunity to strike back as the final whistle blew in the next minute.

Bosch (right) scoring the winning goal.

Both players did very well with equal possession. Overall, however, Bosch had carried out more shots on goal – having 15 shots compared to Chetty's seven. Despite this, shot accuracy for Chetty was measured at 71 percent while Bosch only had 46 percent shot accuracy.

Both players were fairly equally matched in passing skill but it seemed as if Bosch was just that little bit smoother overall.

“Chetty is good at possession and passing, so my strategy was to keep the ball as much as possible and try and stop it from getting to him,” Bosch says.

Bosch was delighted with the win and gets two tickets to the UK to watch Arsenal take on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 6 February 2010.

“I can't explain it, this is fantastic!” he said just before claiming his prize.

Chetty (left) and Bosch (right) congratulating each other after the game

The day in Pretoria

Saturday was a fantastic day of gaming in Pretoria with many onlookers and spectators joining the festivities and trying their hand at FIFA 10. Celebrities such as Revin John (94.7 Highveld Stereo) and Sias Du Plessis (5FM) graced the event, with Revin John quite excited to see gaming become so mainstream, being an avid gamer himself.

“We used to game in our bedrooms back home and no one knew; now everyone's doing it and everyone enjoys it,” he says. “Gaming has become serious, and the Telkom / EA FIFA 10 road show is showing that to be true.”

John played a game of FIFA 10 against du Plessis earlier in the day, winning 6-0. He has been playing the game consistently since its launch and says he is most especially enjoying the Manager Mode.

“FIFA 10 is addictive,” he says.

Revin John (left) congratulating Bosch (right).

Coverage of the road show

The Telkom / EA FIFA 10 Road Show was launched at rAge 09 in October in Johannesburg and since then travelled to the cities of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Pretoria. Do Gaming has been covering the show.

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Bosch receiving his prize from Telkom and EA.

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