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Robot Rampage

Robot Rampage is a B-Movie themed side scrolling smash 'em up focused on simple, satisfying destruction.
Release Date:12 Feb 2010
Tags:Robot Rampage, Robot Rampage Mobile, Robot Revenge, Origin8
Robot Rampage


Guide the titular robot on its campaign of carnage, whilst smashing and squashing the armed forces arrayed against it.

  • Simple, intuitive control system gives you total destructive power.
  • Punch, shoot and stomp your way through the city blocks.
  • Carve a path of carnage through the fully destructible scenery.
  • Randomly generated layout provide a different experience each play.
  • Engage in all-out warfare against troops, helicopters, tanks, bombers and ballistic missiles.
  • Gorgeous environments, enemies and visual effects.
  • OS3.0 iPod Music Player (OS3.0 or higher required).
  • Online high scores, achievements, friends and chat using OpenFeint.
  • Awesome music and sound effects by Earcom.
News » Robot Rampage Makes Smashing Entrance on Apple Store

B-Movie themed side scrolling game now for mobile.

15 Feb 2010 5:37 pm