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Pocket Creatures

A Pocket Creature is an interactive creature that inhabits an exotic island in your iPhone or iPod Touch. On this island you’ll find a variety of plants and animals to interact with and explore.
Release Date:4 Mar 2010
Developer:Tactile Entertainment
Publisher:Tactile Entertainment
Tags:Pocket Creatures, Pocket Creatures Mobile, Tactile Entertainment, Mobile Games
Pocket Creatures


Start your Pocket Creature adventure by choosing its color and hatching it from its egg. After that, it’s up to you to guide your Creature through its new island habitat. What it eats, when it eats, when it sleeps, what you teach it to love or hate; all can influence its behavior and appearance. Make friends with nearby animals and use them as fun tools to explore the surrounding environment. You can even plant a garden with mysterious seeds that produce magical fruit, providing your Creature with special abilities it can use to change its environment, and discover new objects and surprising abilities.

  • Teach your Creature which objects are good or bad with positive/negative feedback
  • Create your own magical garden where you and your creature can thrive
  • Watch your Creature develop powerful moods and abilities that can be used to manipulate its surroundings
  • Earn achievements and change the look of your creature; get horns, wings, flowers, ancient jewelry and many others
News » Explore, Interact and Grow With Pocket Creatures

Exotic open world simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch.

5 Mar 2010 1:51 pm