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No THQ Booth at E3

THQ will not be having a booth at E3 this year but has assured press that they will still have a presence.

According to, THQ will not have the same size booth they had at E3 last year but will still be at E3 albeit in a more limited capacity.

After the THQ financial woes, it seems an apt thing to do in order to correct the wrongs of the past. THQ told GamesIndustry that the booth decision was made some time ago and the company was in a different position then than it is today, so the decision had to be made.

“We’re not producing a booth, but we will be participating in E3. We will be showing games to the E3 judges at their event coming up, and we’ll be hosting a press and business centre at the show for meeting,” THQ said.

The same article reports that the construction and operation of the booths the size of the ones at E3 can be huge. They are rumoured to cost upwards of $1 million and at the time of booth application, THQ may not have been in the right position to grab one of them.