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Legends of Echo

Legends of Echo is a multiplayer social game for mobile phones that allows players to trade, battle and communicate with other players across South Africa with their physical location as central point.
Official Site:Legends of Echo Homepage
Release Date:19 Apr 2010
Developer:The Grid
Publisher:The Grid
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Legends of Echo


Legends of Echo is a location-based mobile adventure that allows you, through your cellphone, to chat, teleport, trade items and battle with people across South Africa. Think of it as a whole new world just waiting to be conquered.
The Echo

A strange and wonderful world parallel to our own, the Echo is the result of random human thoughts drifting into another layer of reality and seeping slowly through the fabric of time. It’s a world that is strangely familiar yet undeniably different, where the scientific and the arcane co-exist and where us earthlings can roam and rampage in an assumed form – all through the screens of our mobile phones.

A precious resource in the Echo, Elements are used as currency for trade, ammunition in battle and for forging weapons. Bloodlines have their own Elements but need those of others – allies and enemies – for survival. Apart from routinely generating the Elements of one’s own Bloodline, Elements can also be traded with other players or plundered in battle. Without Elements, your chances of survival are bleak.

Characters in the Echo belong to one of five Bloodlines that are irrevocably entwined with the Elements of the Echo – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Industry – and constantly battling for supremacy. Some bloodlines are reluctant allies while others are sworn enemies, bent on destroying their foes. Earthlings can only enter the Echo in an assumed form, as a character from one of the Bloodlines.

  • South African Massive Multiplayer Online Social Role-Playing Game (MMOSRPG).
  • Competitive (and addictive) real-time gameplay for mobile phones in an online multiplayer environment.
  • An immersive game world parallel to players’ real-life locations and built on accurate street maps of South Africa.
  • Twenty characters in five bloodlines: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Industry.
  • Arcane weapons and special items to be discovered, traded or forged.
  • Bloodline-specific abilities with regards to weapon use and creation.
  • Thrilling location-based battles against human opponents, with strategy hinging on choice of weapon, skill and turn-based gameplay.
  • The ability to teleport across the South African map in search of new allies, items or enemies.
  • An in-game instant messaging system similar to popular social network, The Grid.
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