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Guitar Hero 5 Mobile

Guitar Hero 5 continues Activision's music rhythm series with an expanded lineup of 85 songs from 83 artists.
Genre:Rhythm Game
Official Site:Guitar Hero 5 Mobile Homepage
Release Date:1 Sep 2009
Developer:Glu Mobile Ltd
Publisher:Glu Mobile Ltd
Tags:Guitar Hero 5 Mobile, Guitar Hero 5 Mobile Mobile, general scoring performance
Guitar Hero 5 Mobile


Guitar Hero 5 Mobile features three difficulty settings which should drive mobile phone owners crazy trying to be a rock star and getting high scores with others from around the world. There are over 20 new songs and 19 additional ones available for download. The Guitar Hero 5 Mobile is now available from major carriers worldwide.

  • Guitar Hero 5 features a combined single- and multi-player (both off- and on-line) Career mode similar to Guitar Hero: Metallica.

  • Songs in the game are distributed across 13 venues, with all but the first locked at the start. Each venue contains 5 or more specific songs and 1 or more special sponsored gigs, each with Challenges that can be completed along with playing through the song.

  • To unlock the other venues, the players must collect a number of stars based on their performance playing individual songs, with each song offering up to 8 stars: up to 5 for the general scoring performance, an additional star for a perfect performance, and up to 3 for completing the song's Challenge.

  • Players share the benefits of earning stars for their own respective profiles, thus, a player that may have difficulty completing one song on their own could join with a band that is able to complete it, benefiting from the gain in stars should they then play by themselves or with another group.
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