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Dizzy Drops

The cute and colourful Dizzy Drops are raining down from the sky and it’s your job to make sure they land in the correctly coloured buckets or they will face extinction.
Release Date:11 Feb 2010
Developer:Dynamo Games
Publisher:Dynamo Games
Tags:Dizzy Drops, Dizzy Drops Mobile, Dynamo Games, iPhone Games
Dizzy Drops


Slide the coloured buckets left and right using your touch screen to match up with the falling drops, but be careful not to catch bombs or you will be on the fast track to the game over screen.

  • Classic Mode offers unlimited levels of fast paced drop-catching fun.
  • Memory Mode tasks you with working out the hidden order of four Dizzy Drops before the timer runs out.
News » Dizzy Drops Available on Apple Store

Cute and colourful Dizzy Drops available now.

12 Feb 2010 3:27 pm