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An Assassin in Orlandes

A cold-blooded assassin has been unleashed, as the first interactive book in the Gamebook Adventures series is launched.
Release Date:8 Feb 2009
Developer:Tin Man Games
Publisher:Tin Man Games
Tags:An Assassin in Orlandes, An Assassin in Orlandes Mobile, Gamebook Adventures, Tin Man Games, iPhone Games
An Assassin in Orlandes


Readers will create a character with individual attributes and jump into an exciting story where they must follow the trail of the assassin. As with traditional gamebooks, the reader gets to make key decisions that will dictate the direction of the story and encounter characters and creatures which they must fight using a dice driven battle system.

  • the character sheet, rules and layout options can be viewed anytime so readers can refresh their memories.
  • customise your book by changing fonts, font sizes and paper type.
  • Readers can also collect achievements throughout the story and all shields and medals awarded will be displayed on their achievements wall.
  • the player will be able to roll 3D dice utilising an accurate physics system.
  • An Assassin in Orlandes is the First of a five interactive book series.
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