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How the Leagues work
Posted by Robert Hart on 20 January 2012 12:13 PM

The Do Gaming League is designed to accommodate gamers of all skill levels. We cater for gamers on the casual level all the way up the most professional gaming organisations. Our league structure provides gaming with the infrastructure needed to promote the steady growth in South Africa.

While we try to create a common standard which all of our league games share, it is necessary for some games to deviate slightly due to the nature of the game in question. For instance, GranTurismo 5 see's players moving up between divisions on a weekly basis, compared to StarCraft II, which see's users only being promoted and demoted between legs (every 7 weeks).

While the system can seem complex at first, once it is understood, it is clear how basic it really is.


This applies to all leagues besides racing leagues. (for racing leagues, please see "how racing leagues work")

The goal of our league system is to place the competitor into a division filled with competitors of their same skill level. This ensures the highest level of enjoyment for the competitor and also helps the competitors judge their improvement as they move up and down the various divisions.

- The highest ranking division is called the Premier Division. The top competitors aim to reach and then stay in this division. Rightly so, it also receives the most media attention.
- The second highest rank is the First Division. This is the feeder division for the Premier Division. Competitors need to break through this division if they are to reach the premier division.

Note: The Premier Division and First Division sometimes have slightly modified rules which aim to make the game play more competitive and professional.

- The Open Division tends to be for more casual clans or clans who are new and still making their way up. It is also where all new competitors are placed. This division often has many groups within it.

Note: New games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and MK9 will have only one division in Leg 1. This is done because none of the competitors are yet ranked. During this leg the teams will be placed into equally sized groups using's random list generator.

Leagues with many competitors will have divisions with groups within them.

Match weeks and deadlines

The leg is split into numerous weeks and matches are assigned to each week. Each match must be played before the week which it has been assigned to is completed.

Match Weeks

A match week begins always begins on a Monday morning and ends the following Sunday night at 23:55. 

Match deadlines

Each match is assigned to a week and must be played before the week has passed. Extensions will only be granted in extreme situations, such as confirmed Eskom load shedding. We do not grant extensions if we feel the match was not played due to poor organising by the team managers.


Using the image below, you can see how matches are displayed. You can toggle a week by selecting it.

On this page you can see the week and the matches assigned to it. The dates are also included on the right of the match.

Clicking on a match (A vs B) opens up a new page where you can comment and communicate with your opponent.


Scheduling of your matches

Competitors must communicate with the opponent by clicking on their match and using the comment section to organise and time and date to meet and play their match.

The admins will use the comments in this section to determine which competitors are at fault if the match was not played. Please make sure you do not use any other form of communication when organising your match as it cannot be included in any disputes. 

In some cases an admin may assign a set date for you, this is generally due to the game getting streamed or shoutcasted.


On this page more detail is shown about your match and opponent.

You can use the comment section to communicate with your opponent. Posts are not editable as we do not want players removing evidence.



On the page below you can see the admin selected the time and date for these two teams to play.

Admin assigned date and time

Round Robin and Points

Competitors are awarded points for the matches they win, draw or lose. If a match is not played or a competitor is disqualified, no points are awarded to that competitor.


Win: 4 points
Draw: 2 points
Loss: 1 point
Forfeit: 0 points

After the match has been played, the team managers will see a "Score Submission" box just above the comment section. Only one of the teams need to fill the score into this box. Once submitted, their opponents must accept the sbumitted score to confirm. Once completed, the result log will automatically update. 


By default the results log is hidden to save space. To toggle the results log, please click on "Results Log".


Promotion and Demotion

The goal is to finish high enough up in your division to qualify for the playoffs, where you will battle the losers of the division above you in a cup. If you do well enough, you will be promoted upwards.

Those who finish towards the lower end of their division will have to defend their position in the playoffs against the up and coming competitors from the division below them. 



Certain number of teams who finished at the top of the lower division, and a certain number of teams that finish at the bottom of the higher division will meet in round robin playoffs at the end of every leg.

For example:

3 teams from 1st-3rd in 1st Division and 3 teams from 5th-8th from Premier Division will go head to head in a round robin in order to get the top 3 teams which will be promoted, and the bottom 3 teams which will be demoted.

The Championships

At the end of the season (2 legs) a certain number of the top ranking competitors will be invited to compete in person at either our Do Gaming League Championships for prizes or in the Online Finals for their game.

The Full list of games that will be going to the Do Gaming Championships and which games will have an Online Final is here :


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