Joining a clan or team
Posted by Robert Hart on 06 May 2011 05:53 PM

To join a clan, players need to first know the following information:

• The clans name
• The clans password (the owner of the clan will provide you with this password)

Step 1 – Finding the clan

1) To start off, you will need to navigate to the page which belongs to the clan you wish to join. To do this, visit the Do Gaming League home page by selecting the “League” button on the upper right hand side of the Do Gaming website.

League button

2) Now select “Clan Listing” in the drop down menu, under the heading League.

Clan listing

3) Search for the clan you wish to join and then select it.

Step 2 – Joining a clan

1) Once you are on the clans page, select the yellow “Join this Clan” next to the clans title, or select the green “Join Clan” above the list of clan members.

Join Clan

2) On the next page enter the password which your clan leader provided you with and then accept the Do Gaming League rules.

Enter password

3) Select “Join”.

Note: A message should now be shown at the top of the next page stating “You have successfully joined this clan!”

You have joined

Note: If you receive an error instead, please contact our league support immediately by submitting a ticket.


Document last reviewed on 2013-12-12 by Joshua Forbes