Creating a Clan
Posted by Robert Hart on 06 May 2011 02:35 PM

Because certain games are team based, users who wish to compete will need to create a clan on the Do Gaming League site before being allowed to register for the event.

Before creating a team, users need to have registered and logged into their account.

Registering an account

Step 1 – Entering your clan name, tag and prefix

1)  Hover your mouse over the "Account" menu item in the top right hand side of the navigation bar.

2) Select “Register Clan”.  

Register Clan

3) After reading the Clan Registration Terms and Conditions, enter your unique clan name, clan prefix and a unique URL tag. Tick the box below to confirm that you are the clan leader and you have read and accept the terms and conditions of registering your clan on the Do Gaming League.

4) Click “Register Clan”.

Step 2 – Editing your clan

This page allows you to setup your clan in finer detail. Below are some of the important options.

1) Clan Prefix and Suffix:
The clan prefix adds a tag to the beginning of your members nick names. The suffix adds a tax to the end of your players nick names.

2) Password:
The password is used by your clan members when they attempt to join the team. You will need to supply your members with this password before they attempt to join.

3) Allow Multiple Clans:
By enabling this option, you are given the ability to create multiple teams within your clan. This is very useful when your clan participates in more than one discipline or if you have enough members to start a second team.

4) We are Recruiting:
Disable this option to prevent members from joining your clan.

5) Select “Update” once done.

Step 3 – Setting forum access levels

Each clan has been given the opportunity to creating a clan forum. The forum can be setup in a number of different ways.

1) Types of permissions:

None: Public cannot see your forums, only clan members. Fully private clan forums.
View: Public can see your forums, but cannot post replies or create new topics.
Reply: Public can see your forums, and post replies, only clan members can start new topics.
Full: Public can see your forums, and post replies, and create new topics in your forums.

2) Select “Update Clan” to apply the changes.

Step 4 – Creating a team within your clan

To take part in an event, clans need to first create a team designated to the game which they would like to play.

1) To create a team, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “To Create New Team Click Here”.

2) A new page will open. Give your team a name, such as Team Alpha. Place a space before your team name if necessary.

3) Select the game which you intend to play.

4) Tick the box to confirm you accept responsibility for the teams actions and that you will discipline your members accordingly.

5) Select “Register Team”.

Step 5 - Adding players to your team

A new page will open, allowing you to add players to the new team you have just created.

1) Start off by adding yourself to the team.

2) Once your players have joined your clan, you will be able to select them in the drop down box and add them to the team.

How to join a clan

Please note that in our leagues, most games require a minimum of five players and two reserves before being allowed to register for an event.

3) Make sure to set at least one member as the manager.

4) Once you have finished adding players to your newly created team, select “Update team”.

Note: To remove a player from a team, tick the box underneath “retired” and then select “Update Team”.

Note: To delete a team, tick the box “Retire Team” and then select “Update Team”.


Document last reviewed on 2013-12-12 by Joshua Forbes