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Based on the movie Megamind from Dreamworks, the Megamind game begins where there movie's story ends.
Genre:Action Adventure
Official Site:Megamind Homepage
Release Date:14 Dec 2010
Tags:Megamind, Megamind DS
Also on:Xbox 360, PS3, Wii


In this on-the-go mega-adventure game, players set out as Megamind, using an arsenal of blasters to smash and blast their way through enemies. Players can switch blasters on a whim in order to put an end to the city’s crime wave.
  • Become the On-The-Go Mega Hero – Play as Megamind, anytime, anywhere.
  • Defend the City! – Find and defeat new Doom Syndicate enemies, including Megamind’s re-programmed Brainbots!
  • Collect & Upgrade a Blaster Arsenal – Switch between blasters on the fly which become more powerful the more they are used!
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