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MSSA Responds to Gamers' Questions

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Posted:10 Nov 2010
Lloyd Clark, MSSA deputy President, responds to questions from Ria Venter and other gamers.

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bravado™ Geno #ALIENWARE
Committee Member
Posts: 620
Clan: Bravado Gaming
Wed, 10 Nov 2010, 2:26 pm
"Idealistic and politically correct words, but don't expect anything more.
A little good faith please ☺ yes it is late, but here is your response."

I can safely say the same thing after reading your answers.....
[ DC ] Lag_Beast
Committee Member
Posts: 212
Clan: Damage Control
Wed, 10 Nov 2010, 3:06 pm
I have written an email at Lloyds request this is what i wrote. Hoping to get feedback soon.

Hi Lloyd,

My name is Alastair. I am very involved with the online community. Would you like to know why no one wants to join the MSSA. Since the very beginning MSSA busted onto the scene and immediately started bullying the online community of which it was never ever a part of. What happens when you walk up to a person and tell them they have to do this and pay this in order to compete there where as it never cost anything before and it was never an issue before ….. MSSA has done nothing but divide SA gaming no one can control gaming in SA its self regulated and will always be self regulated purely because of politics…. What we dislike as a community is being told we have to be part of this “initiative” which to be quite honest has been run poorly would you jump onto a sinking ship ? What MSSA fails to understand is we host comps we run lans we can achieve things without MSSA so I ask you why would we want to join it ? Why must we be “regulated” by someone? We have been doing a fantastic job so far without the MSSA.

Look at it like this, without the gamers MSSA is nothing so why must we “bow down” to this organization ?

You want to help SA gaming ? You want to close this divide between two different ideals…. ? Stop with this membership fee’s stop with the “You have to be a part of MSSA” rubbish if you really wish to improve and expand SA Gaming start getting sponsors to sponsor events stop handing out Protea colours to idiots who don’t deserve them, start getting involved with teams that deserve to go overseas.

I appreciate your replies to all our questions but Colin should be the one to answer them not you not anyone else besides himself its very cowardly to send someone else to answer questions directed at you wouldn’t you say ? How are we as the online community meant to perceive Colin if he never stands up for his own ideals ?

I can see you seem like a genuine down to earth guy so I’ve written this as nicely as I can but ultimately MSSA is hated pretty much by all areas of online gaming and its going to take a lot of hard work from MSSA’s side to get that gap bridged.

Kind Regards
Alastair “Lag Beast”


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