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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (PC)

Throughout the many years, Spider-Man has been your typical teenage hero, with breakups and make-ups as well as extreme fights against some not so human characters and this game is really no different.

This game takes place a year after Uncle Ben dies and Peter is still trying to find his killer. It is, however, important to note that even though that is the start of the game, it kind of falls away once you find him already dead.

The best part of the game for me, being a huge Stan Lee fan, was saving the man himself from a burning building. You also come to know that Mr Lee is not famous although he and Peter are very close. It was amazing and I just could not believe that I had just saved Stan Lee.

After the incident with Stan Lee, the game becomes a little too repetitive for my liking. Swing here, subdue bad guys there, and to top it all off there is so much talking that you can spend at least two minutes to go and make a cup of tea while they drone on about something or another. Come to think of it, not only is the talking long, Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s voice acting was terrible. It might have seemed a lot better had Spidey not been prancing around while trying to be “macho” and interrogating people.

I do applaud Beenox on bringing in so many faces to this game, from Black Cat, Kingpin, and Kraven the Hunter and then there is the ever present OsCorp, run by Harry Osborn (I thought he died?) and Wilson Fisk. It is great that you get to work quite closely with Kraven as he teaches Spider-Man all there is to know about hunting.

Spidey and Kraven having a chat.

Although this game brings back a lot of nostalgia, it can be said that the graphics were way under-par for the demand of today’s almost life-like characters. At one point, Spidey’s web went right through a guy’s scalp while it was “holding him down” for interrogation. Other than Spider-Man’s webs not moving with a person, the animations were quite well done. His webs came out of the right places and the movement was quite fluid when swinging from web to web. Even the landings, when you use your webs to pull yourself to crouch on an object, was done neatly.

I did enjoy swinging through Manhattan and collecting all the comic book pieces that you can look at when you go back to Stan Lee’s store, the controls did make this a little difficult to get used to and before you really know what you are doing, it is easy to lose yourself in the button mashing. Once you are comfortable with the controls, you will see that manoeuvring through the city is quite easy. I also really liked that this time spent sailing through the city did not hinder my progress in the game whatsoever, in fact, if I caught a bunch of bad guys, I could exact my justice and get put on the news, increasing my Hero Rating. The only problem I had was that the fighting was a lot easier as your Spidey senses tell you when a person is about to attack, so all you have to do is mash the right mouse button to keep from losing any life. I guess that if that wasn’t the case, players would die a lot more because Spider-Man is not very tanky.

An easy way to make sure that you are tough enough to take on the bad guys of Manhattan is to upgrade your senses, webs and weapons you pick up along the way. Although the menu is a little difficult to navigate, not quite liking to move with your mouse, it is a lot easier when you realise that using the “A” and “D” buttons will make it so much simpler. From the menu screen, you can check out your messages (don’t forget to take pictures for your boss J. Jonah Jameson, editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle) where you can see side missions that will help with your progress within the game. From here you can also check out the level and statistics of your Spidey Suit, which is great as it shows you your damage bonus and the like. The menu also allows you to check out the map of Manhattan and mark the bad guys you want to stop so that it comes up as this huge orange-red pillar of light. With a little getting used to, the menu can really help you throughout the game.

The menu was a little annoying to get used to.

The Hero Rating comes in handy very early in the game as OsCorp announce a new task force that is set on making sure the streets are safe and taking out vigilantes when they find them. So if your Hero Rating is really low, the Task Force will attack you without a second thought.

To be honest, the storyline of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is quite intriguing and with the fact that so many faces from the comics are mashed in, it makes for a pretty good game experience, if you can distract yourself from the annoying voice acting and the long pauses where people are talking. Even with its little quirks, I did enjoy the game.

The music in the background really adds to the ambience. When roaming the streets of Manhattan, the score is more melodic and care-free but gets quite low in octave when preparing for a fight. When trying to be sneaky it really does make you feel the anticipation and excitement of trying to get around unseen, while heightening to a crescendo when caught. It really helps the player to get into the world of Spider-Man and influences the way players respond to the game emotionally.

I would most definitely recommend this game to any Spider-Man fan and remember “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Score: 65 / 100