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Mass Effect 3 Demo Review (PC)

The Mass Effect 3 demo is undoubtedly the best thing I have played this year. After reviewing Q.U.B.E and the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo it was hard to think that the first two months of 2012 could present even more pwnage. When saying last year that 2012 will be a great year for gaming, I don’t think any one really realised just how amazing it would be.

The Mass Effect 3 demo presents gamers with immense nostalgia as well as awesome new surprises. Players can now choose one of three different “modes” to play the game as, namely: Action, Role Playing and Story.


Action doesn’t allow for character customisation. Players are thrown directly into the universe of ass kicking and conversations are played as cut scenes. This is probably the more first-person-shooter (fps) driven experience. The no nonsense, “let’s get down to shooting the stuffing out of everything that moves” type of gameplay.

Role Playing

This is the typical and traditional Mass Effect gameplay. Character customisation is available as well as choice in dialog responses in conversations. This option is sure to be the favourite amongst gamers that have been following the Mass Effect series from the start.


Story mode seems to be the more “noob friendly” option or the option for gamers who are more interested in having laid back gameplay in order to enjoy the brilliant storyline. Gamers will be able to experience and control the story without difficult combat.

Combat difficulty will only be adjustable for the Action and Role Playing modes.

I chose the Role Playing mode as it’s what I was most looking forward to and I've enjoyed the traditional Mass Effect gameplay.

Almost everything that you have come to love about Mass Effect is there. It is a great relief to find that you aren’t playing a completely different game. The profile and background setup for your character is exactly as it was in the previous Mass Effect games, although it has to be said that graphically it looks much sexier than before. Dialog, cutscenes and combat is simply just incredible. Animations are typically Mass Effect, except that things are better than before.

Combat specifically caught my attention this time. Even though it’s everything that you are used to, the combat animations have been improved and look much clearer.

The best thing about the combat in this demo has to be the melee attacks. It’s presented in the most spectacular, bad ass way it’s ever been in the series. It’s smooth and deadly.

The difficulty of fights have also not been tampered with. Things are balanced and you get a great feeling of accomplishment when you take out the hordes of husks or win the boss fight. Running, taking cover and jumping over objects is easy and have added “tips” (not text based) that make it easier to find direction in those really intense battles.

If you’ve pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 or plan to buy it, then prepare to have your mind blown. The storyline in Mass Effect 3 continues where it left off but it also contains pleasant surprises from the past and new aspects that create great excitement and intrigue. If you weren’t sure to get the game or not, this will definitely convince you a thousand times over.

Character interaction and the manifesting of personality is probably one of the most amazing things that BioWare has incorporated into the Mass Effect games. Where so many other Role-Playing games have failed, Mass Effect just gets it right. I’m happy to say that this hasn’t changed and I'm curious to see just how extensive it will get. The demo gives a sneak preview of this during dialog but doesn’t give it all away. I’m hoping that the full game will contain the depth of this feature that the pervious Mass Effect games had.

There’s one thing however that I did miss in the demo and am quite disappointed about: the bypassing process. I really enjoyed the hacking feature in the previous Mass Effect games but realised in the demo that there was no bypassing sequence at the doors; bypassing is now simply just a normal interaction (pressing spacebar). Scanning objects seem standard and picking up ammo is still automatic when you run over it. That's all great though because it seems the controls haven't changed.

After completing this demo I only have two things to say. One: My life is now complete with the knowledge that my favourite Role-Playing-Game is finally back bigger, better and hotter than ever before; and two: Play this game, it’s simply the best game in the universe, ever.

Gamers interested in playing the demo on PC can download it from Do Gaming using local bandwidth.

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