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CoolerMaster CM Storm Sirus-C Headset Review

If you are a Call of Duty: Ghosts player and plan to take part in the Telkom Do Gaming Championships later this year on either PC or Xbox 360, you may have noticed that placing in the top three will net you a CoolerMaster CM Storm Sirus-C headset. We have recently been able to get our hands on it and are rather impressed.

The Sirus-C (not to be confused with SuperC) has a groundbreaking 2.2 channel design built in with a hi-fi amplifier which dramatically boosts signal power to deliver some really rich bass. Should you happen to own a console as well, the Sirus-C is perfect for PC and console, including PlayStation 4 as well. Players will be able to switch between PC and console very easily along with other on-the-fly adjustments like a volume and microphone switch.


Each ear of the headset has a large, fabric-covered cushion that is very well-padded. The same cushion is situated on the headband, making the headset a very comfortable one to wear. The cushions on each cup can be removed and may be able to be replaced at a later date, should Cooler Master decide to bring replacement cushions made of different material to South Africa.

The material the headset is made of seems rather sturdy and while the headset itself is quite heavy, it never looks cumbersome. Attached to the headsets braided cable is the control box where players can easily change volume, chat volume and turn on and off their microphone. The stalk for the microphone on the left cup, folds down and out and with it, a brilliant white light to show that it’s on and transmitting. Strangely, I found that the white light on the stalk can be a little distracting when playing in the dark.

From the sides and the top, the headset looks sleek and well-built. Each cup has an outer appearance that feels like a lot of time was spent on the design itself which is a very good sign. The ear cups themselves may be a little small for some people but should cater to most gamers.


The headset seems rather cleverly designed because it’s not only comfortable, it’s practical too. The braided cable, while nothing new, is definitely a winner in my eyes as it won’t perish with prolonged sunlight. The microphone stalk can be pushed up when not in use to give yourself a clear front-facing vision. What I mean by this, is that some headset will have you fold the stalk away but then still leave it in your peripheral vision which some may find distracting.

The control box has a clip on it which can easily be attached to a piece of clothing but due to its mobility, it might take some time of forming a habit to adjust the volume. I feel that it may have been a better option to add the volume control on the headset itself to make for ease of use.

The cups themselves are really comfortable and the fabric design was a good choice. The fabric, while soft, seems quite robust as well which means that it shouldn’t perish or get caught on glasses or anything of that nature. The noise reduction is fair too and it doesn’t block out everything because there is no actual seal around the cups, but they do a great job of reducing noise around you.


I think at the very start of this review I was a little skeptical because the makers tout the headset as one that provides a greater sound stage than traditional gaming headsets.

My first thought was “How is that possible?” given that the device is a 2.2 channel design as opposed to a 5.1 or even 7.1 surround sound. Each cup has a 44mm sound driver as well as a 40mm woofer unit in each cup. This means that your bass will never be lacking especially with the frequency response and impedance on offer. In terms of testing, the bass has a lot to offer and all the explosive effects that you can imagine were very punchy and had the desired effect. I found it rather strange that the headset didn’t offer the same sterling performance higher up in the sound range. It seemed like the sound was a little drowned out and perhaps lacked a bit of clarity.

Don’t get me wrong, the headset is not terrible in those aspects, it was just a little lacking in comparison to the lower end sounds. I was shocked at how accurate the audio positioning is in the 2.2 drivers and thought that it was an amazing experience when testing it out specifically.


The CoolerMaster CM Storm Sirus-C headset is a great headset for gaming on both the PC and the console. The sounds at the lower end are crisp and well-defined while the higher end sounds were lacking a little bit. The most important part in my opinion though, is the fact that the audio positioning works so well. Players who use this type of headset in first-person shooters will be able to easily tell where everything is coming from with their eyes closed, provided their audio is set up properly.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t able to find a set price for the headset but saw prices ranging from R1200 to R1500. It seems a little expensive though because those were mostly the sites that like to compare prices, so it’s hard to imagine those are actual prices of the headset.

The bottom line is though, if you are into your gaming, then the Sirus-C will work perfectly for you. The gamers who will be placing top three at the DGC for Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC and Xbox 360 can look forward to a set of well-developed headphones.