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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Review (Xbox 360)

Zombies is something that pitched up almost as a fun design or test and has since developed into something that fans have come to expect from the Black Ops series.

Zombies this time round has been changed and adjusted to cater more for everyone because included in the regular survival mode is the addition of Grief and TranZit. TranZit is more of a story-driven mode in Black Ops 2 where players will be able to team up together and explore an open-world while defending against the horrible zombies. In TranZit, players will need to work together in a similar way that they would in the Survival mode where they need to watch each other’s backs while progressing to better weapons and fighting their way through zombies. You will also move through different areas by way of a burnt out and decrepit bus driven by a zombie head-type-guy.

Through most of the parts there are what the development team are calling ‘buildables’. These are made up of parts that can be found in certain areas and then put together, which will be able to help you out along the way by opening doors or by creating different types of gadgets to use in your fight. For example, if you put together a dolly from a diner and a door from a car, you can create yourself a zombie-shield that is attached to your back which will protect you from sneaky attacks or could also be equipped to the front which would serve as a protection device while your team shoots from behind you. The map itself for TranZit is a huge open-world map that can be explored on foot but can also be driven around via the automated bus route.

Of the huge map that TranZit exists on, Survival is then a smaller portion of the game where players will fight against wave upon wave of zombies on the larger map. It has smaller versions of each of the areas of the map which have been tailored for classic survival gameplay.
The final mode, Grief is something of a competitive mode which will feature two teams that go up against each other but will not be able to attack each other. Essentially, the waves of zombies will come in, in a similar way that they would for Survival, and teams will keep playing until the one team loses. The ‘4Z4’ or 4 vs. 4 mode will cater for team play and when one player of a team goes down, the remaining members will need to revive him and then carry on. When all four team members go down, it’s up to the other team to finish off the round so that the game officially ends and a winner is decided.

There really is a lot of gameplay to be had in the Zombies mode between the three different modes and the developers are saying that Zombies is basically a stand-alone game with a lot of content. The whole point behind the Zombies mode is not really ever winning the game because essentially there isn’t really an ending to it. It’s basically just the length of survival in which teams can make last.

Gamers who have played the Zombies mode before will appreciate that a lot of the old-school style features still exist in the game. The Mystery Box is a returning feature in which gamers will spend their points earned from killing zombies on a random gun. This is obviously a big gamble and players can be either left with a limb-ripping minigun or a rocket launcher. Each of them has pros and cons but as soon as the levels progress and you start getting surrounded by zombies, the use of a rocket launcher becomes pretty pointless.

After having played Zombies for quite some time and getting to dabble in each of the different modes, gamers may find that it’s very similar to the previous Black Ops zombie mode. It’s a mode in which teamwork is essential, especially when playing Grief and TranZit. Grief also has little ‘grief mechanics’ in the game where, after the final kill at the end of the round, something drops from the zombie. It could be a nuke, it could replenish your ammo but it could also be a piece of smelly meat that can be thrown on an enemy causing all the zombies to head over towards him and try to take him out.

It’s not necessarily the bread and butter of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 but the zombies mode is definitely something that every gamer should try when playing the game because aside from it being a nice break from the military, first-person shooter action, it’s a thrilling experience – especially when enjoyed with friends.


Score: 7.5


Rob 'GrIdL0cK' Clegg has been in the gaming industry for over 15 years and has competed in both local and international tournaments at the highest level. He is also a respected gaming critic and is Telkom Do Gaming’s lead reviewer

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