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A Story About My Uncle Review (PC)

A Story About My Uncle (ASAMU) is a charming yet challenging puzzle-platforming game from Gone North Games, published by Coffee Stain Studios.

The story is told through the eyes of a father telling his daughter a bedtime story, and tells the tale of his adventure as a young boy trying to find his uncle. After finding a power suit in your uncle’s house, you are soon ejected from the land you know and land in an altogether foreign environment, where you must use the suits abilities in order to progress.

The power suit not only allows you to jump higher and further than you normally would, but also has the power to grapple onto objects, so that you can launch yourself across the world like Tarzan in a forest.

The game makes use of the Unreal Engine, so the physics play a big part in ASAMU, as you need to gain momentum through each grab of the grappling hook in order to get your way through the levels. Eventually, the suit has the capability of grappling three times before running out of power, so the difficulty of the puzzles increases as you progress further into the game.

After trailing your Uncle for a while you come across a race of “frog-like” people who live in the depths of the caves you are navigating, who are all friends with your “Uncle Fred”, who passed through there not too long ago. You befriend a teenage frog girl, called “Maddie”, who soon joins you on your adventure, riding along your back and letting the power suit do the rest.

Soon after you find a completely separate group of frog people, called “The Strays”, who had ventured beyond the reaches of the caves and out into the open air, and are technologically far more advanced than the original group of frog people you found in the caves.

They give you a pair of rocket boots, which introduces a whole new mechanic into the game, as you can now use the rocket boots to boost yourself a short distance, or to gain momentum.

You soon find yourself beyond the reaches of the frog people and all alone in an icy cave, where you must retrace your uncle’s footsteps in order to find him, in the hope that he is okay.

The world and levels in A Story About My Uncle are beautifully crafted, and although quite frustrating at times (mostly because I am pretty bad at puzzle games in general), are exquisitely beautiful in their design and lighting, and makes the game worth playing just to see the environments.

The music is simple yet effective and the soundtrack reflects your surroundings and what is happening in the story, and is a great accompaniment to your adventure as you grapple, rocket boost and fly through the skies.

There are various unlocks that you can get throughout the game, which come from collecting readings from your Uncle’s data stations, and unlock things such as goat mode (Coffee Stain Studios does make Goat Simulator after all) which adds some quirky and unique differences to the game, and also adds to the replayability of the game.

The game is not that long, as it took me about four hours to complete (without including my excessive failure at some points), and can easily be done in a single sitting since the game itself is so entrancing.

A Story About My Uncle is an absolutely beautiful little game, and for $12.99 (R140), is without a doubt worth the purchase, just so you can find out what happens to your Uncle and the emotional ending that comes with the game.

Even if you don’t like puzzle platformer games, this is definitely one that may be able to sway your vote, and comes highly recommended.

Score: 8.5

If you would like to watch my playthrough of A Story About My Uncle, you can view the adventure on my YouTube Channel, DeMoNiK Goes Gaming: