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S2 Games’ New MOBA: Strife

S2 Games is no newcomer to the MOBA genre, and has had great success with their first attempt, Heroes of Newerth (HoN), although they did realise there were definitely flaws along the way.

In a fresh start, S2 Games recently announced their all new MOBA, Strife, and showed why it will change the MOBA scene. First and foremost it has a much easier learning curve to follow, and that becomes apparent quite quickly.

Your champion does not quest alone in Strife, and is joined by a companion on his journey (much like the RPG game Torchlight), and each companion comes with their own perks and abilities. Some companions are more geared towards damage dealing characters, while others can heal and support you and your teammates.

In a definite stray from normal MOBA norms, gold is shared in Strife. You as a carry in lane will share your last hit gold with whomever else is in the lane, making for quite a unique situation. Either both of you can compete for the last hit, or the one can harass enemy heroes while the other farms – it doesn’t make a different to your income as long as you are getting the last hits.

This makes for a situation unlike other MOBA’s, where your support heroes don’t have to suffer being poor at the cost of their carry players getting all of the farm. This makes life interesting, as support players can suddenly be viable carries in the late game, and aren’t just fodder for the much stronger heroes.

In terms of graphics it is extremely cartoony, and is quite reminiscent of League of Legends, but with its own unique flavour. I would call it a cross between Torchlight and LoL, and the skins for the characters don’t stray to the point where you don’t recognize them anymore.

Strife looks to be an interesting take on the MOBA genre, but it is still in early days, and has yet to even reach a closed beta. You can sign up for the beta on their site in hope to get a key, and they have plenty of information about the characters that they have revealed so far, just click on the link below: