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Remember Me Preview

Remember Me is a game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. It is set in a futuristic Paris, called Ne-Paris, in the year 2084.

Neo-Paris, 2084

In the game you take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter, with the ability to steal or alter peoples’ memories. Arrested and with her memory wiped clean, you set out on a mission to rediscover her identity in great sci-fi, action style.

Development of the game began in 2008, when it was originally called Adrift. The original concept of the game was a world flooded from global warming. The key gameplay mechanic would have been using jet skis to navigate a coastal city.

At a later stage, the team at Dontnod thought up the concept of memory as a central theme and redesigned the game accordingly. The game’s director, Jean-Max Moris, was reluctant to set the game in Paris as the studio was based there, but eventually the game was set in Neo-Paris.

When asked in an interview with Penny Arcade Report why he made Nilin, Remember Me's protagonist, a woman, Moris said that part of his reason was that it "felt right from the beginning". He also stated that he wanted a game in the cyberpunk genre that was more about "emotion, intimacy, identity, and the way technology would intersect those", so it made more sense for the player character to be a woman. This, however, didn’t sit well with potential publishers and many were discouraged from backing the project, saying that a male character would sell better.


Moris has stated in a different interview that one of the challenges with designing Nilin was creating a protagonist that was not over-sexualised or ineffective, saying: "You have to avoid the pitfalls of making her just a damsel in distress or a sex bomb, because this is what you think would appeal most to the hordes of men that constitute your fan base" Remember Me was inspired by the social network sites that abound in the modern world, such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Remember Me features exploration, platforming, stealth and melee combat. The game also introduces the mechanic of ‘memory remixing’, which is entering and rearranging a target’s memory to manipulate them. Another key mechanic of the game is stealing memories from specific targets and using points called Remembranes to replay the memory in real-time.

The game is rated Mature 17+ and contains blood, partial nudity, strong language and violence.