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Broforce Beta Preview (PC)

Broforce is a game just launched onto Steam early access, and comes from South African Indie Developers Free Lives. This game pleased me on more than one level, not only because it is some local boys making a stir on the international scene, but also because this game incredibly easy to review thanks to the almost instant gratification.

As a kid who grew up in the 1990’s, watching movies was usually an action-packed fun fest of cliché action heroes performing daring stunts and ultimately saving the girl, and Broforce has done everything to bring back that nostalgia in its own unique way.

Almost every action hero you could ever want is in this game although they are now the “Bro” versions, such as Brobocop (my personal favourite), Bro Dredd, Bro Hard and Brade. Each character has its own unique play style and weapons, and saving people throughout the stages swaps your current Bro for a random Broforce member, so you never know who’s going to appear next.

The 16-bit platform designer is actually perfect for what the game is trying to achieve, as you hack, slash, burn and blast your way through some completely destructible 2D platforming. There are different mechanics that get introduced to you along the way, and there is a boss fight every now and then, so the game does well to keep things fresh and entertaining.

The soundtrack is everything you’d expect from a 90’s action movie, and is a perfect fit for the game. From overly long bass notes that were common in every 1990’s action movie trailer, to the cheesy “Mario-esque” music that plays everytime you finish a level, the game’s music plays perfectly into what the game is trying to achieve.

BroForce is not only singleplayer however, as there are various modes starting to make their way into the game, such a Deathmatch and Explosive-Run (the name says it all).

When Brodell Walker, Bro in Black and Indiana Brones join up for a game of multiplayer, you know that chaos is about to ensue. Broforce’s multiplayer can verge on utter chaos for the most part of its existence since you have the ability to kill your friends, which makes for hours of endless laughter and enjoyment.

There is also an easy to use and well-equipped level editor so you can try your own hand at level design, and some of the creations I have seen have been truly epic so far, but also give some hints as to what is still going to be added into the game, as the level editor does contain urban environments (for even more nostalgia).

It is not often that I don’t find something that annoys me in a game, but Broforce may just be the arrow in my knee to prove a point, as this game is just genuinely entertaining. Early-Access games on Steam tend to be absolutely broken, or are there to try and steal as much money as possible for the developer, but this is definitely not the case with Broforce.

The combination of singleplayer, multiplayer, level editing and more to come with the quirky yet thoroughly enjoyable humour of Broforce makes this game my first “must play” game in 2014, where I suspect it will remain for a long time.

If you want to support local developers Free Lives you can pick up Broforce on the Steam store for R160 ($14.99).