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At GamesCom – W2K14

Do Gaming attended a presentation given by Bryce Yang, Brand Marketing Director at 2K sports, to find out about the latest instalment in the WWE Gaming franchise, W2K14.

The presentation did not focus on the multiplayer side at all, but instead took us through what to expect in the single player. The single player campaign takes us through 30 years of WrestleMania, as you get to play out 45 historic matches in WrestleMania’s past.

The matches are all historically accurate, and the game reflects the time period and the stars appearance at the time. So for example, Hulk Hogan, who has taken place in multiple WrestleMania’s in his life, will look different in his earlier matches to his later matches.

The graphics also reflect the times, so the earlier WrestleMania matches look like they were in 1980’s thanks to some grainy graphics filters. On top of that, each arena is the arena that was used for that specific WrestleMania, and the clothing of the audience in the arena will also reflect the time period in which the WrestleMania match takes place.

As you play through the single player campaign, there are over 25 videos along the way that give you the background and setting to the matches you are about to play, setting the tone.

Winning the WrestleMania matches and completing historical feats that took place during specific matches will unlock more content as well, with over 350 pictures, arenas, players and more to unlock as you play.

W2K14 is due to release on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on 1 November internationally.