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Pockie Ninja II Original 'Wing Sets' Level Cap Raised

Impossible is nothing in Pockie Ninja II Original. Whether it's a fight against high ranking players or coming face-to-face with a powerful boss, ninjas can tackle challenges beyond their level with a well balanced set of wings on their back.

Publisher NGames has raised the level cap for Pockie Ninja II Original's Wing Sets, allowing players to dynamically strengthen their favourite pair of wings in three different ways: Enhancement, Refinement, and Distillation.

Enhancement provides the easiest route to boosting wing attributes. Players will discover special Feather Pieces throughout Pockie Ninja II Original's massive open-world, which can be added to wings to increase their power. However, while enhancement is a no-risk approach for low level Wing Sets, high level Wing Sets are at risk of falling apart if an enhancement attempt fails. Ninjas should safeguard against this by using Talisman's, or risk losing their wings forever.

The beauty of Wing Sets is more than skin deep. While enhancement lets players upgrade the visible attributes of their wings, each set has powerful hidden attributes waiting to be activated. Refining wings allows ninjas to unlock their hidden potential, imbuing them with random special skills and abilities. Wings can be refined an infinite number of times, meaning ninjas can keep trying until they find the hidden skill best suited for their favourite set.

Finally, Distillation is a sure fire way to massively improve the quality of wings, but it requires Heavenly Feather – an ultra-rare material only found on the perilous Sakura Land. Occasionally, ninjas might get lucky and find it on the shelves of Urahara's Shop, but these moments are few and far between. Fortune favours the brave in Pockie Ninja II Original, and only those brave enough to travel to Sakura Island will be guaranteed a Heavenly Feather of their own.