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Thoughts on Team Builder

When Team Builder was announced on the League of Legends (LoL) website, I was sceptical as to how the trolls will be managed. In the beginning I thought that players would be queued up as a role and then be able to choose their champion in champion select as normal. This would have caused a huge problem as trolls could be like “I don’t want to play [insert role here] anymore.” Then they could insta-lock something else.

Riot Games came up with a great way to combat the trolls. When you went into Team Builder, you had to choose your champion first. Once you had selected your champion, you could not change it. Then you got to choose your role and lane. This made it really easy to pick the team composition you want, if you are captain, as you can see the champions and what role they want to play within the team.

In all honesty, this was a great idea. There were a couple of bugs, the one I experienced was where we had a Katarina for the middle lane and then another Katarina player came in and took the place without the first one leaving. We had to leave the game and start a new one because we didn’t know how the bug would affect the game that we were about to go into.

The best part about Team Builder was the fact that you had an hour to make the team and chat about strategies, something you can really only do when you invite people into your team in solo queue. In regular solo queue, you only get enough time to call your lanes, pick your champion and swap with someone if you need to. This type of queuing is not conducive to great team play as players go off and do their own thing according to what they think the team should be playing like.

Unfortunately Team Builder was not enabled in draft mode or ranked. There are a few reasons for this but I think it would be a brilliant idea. A captain bans three champions that he/she doesn’t want to play with or against and then people join in with champions that are not one of those. When getting a game, both teams’ bans are taken into account and you can only match up with a team that is acceptable. This could make ranked play a lot easier as many people in the lower divisions fight and rage over which lanes and champions they want to play. This makes the game more difficult as players go in game and are already in a bad mood, this is only conducive to raging and bad behaviour.

After playing a lot of games in the Team Builder beta, I found that this style of play makes the player experience a lot better and although it does not take out the ragers and afk’ers, it makes it easier to go into a game with confidence in yourself as well as with the team you are playing in.

All in all Team Builder was a great experience for me and I hope that it will become a staple part of the LoL experience.

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