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Tech and Gaming Trends To Watch in 2013

We've had quite a good year in the world of tech and gaming this year, with a whole lot of new developments and changes in the industry. This year has set up 2013 as one with a number of trends to look forward to. So here's what we should be keeping an eye on for 2013.

The 4G Tech Spread

According to ITArticle, we can look forward to an increase in 4G (LTE) technology next year. Though LTE has already been launched, it isn’t being used very widely... yet.


ITArticle believes the technology is bound to spread worldwide in the next year. But, I’ve got my doubts about the security of LTE. Apparently, a signal blocker that costs $650 at Radio Shack can shut down a 4G network – shutting down an LTE base station and disrupting service to thousands of subscribers.

If they can sort this out I’m looking forward to a world with mobile network speeds up to four times faster than 3G.

Franchising’s Monster

Judging by the release dates that have been announced, coupled with whispers and rumours about ifs, ands or maybes, 2013 is set to be year filled with the Return of the Franchise.

Yes, we’re in for more sequels next year. Little birds are letting us know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4’s possible release next year, as well as a new title in the Tomb Raider series and Dead Island 2: Riptide.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Don’t be mistaken. I’m not opposed to the idea of gaming franchises. Many of the sequels and additions in a series are necessary and called for, and in some cases, better than the originals.

According to PocketGamer, a few game developers are suggesting building and publishing games for specific audiences. Could we be looking at more games across a range of audiences, instead of a cookie-cutter formula “one-for-all” concept?

The New Kids on The Block

Everyone’s predicting the announcement and release of two highly-anticipated consoles: the PlayStation 4 (codename “Orbis”) and the so-called Xbox 720 (a.k.a “Durango”).

Microsoft is allegedly aiming to have the next Xbox in stores by Christmas next year.

As a console fan, I’m awaiting any official details on these two bad boys before I say a word. All I can say: I hope the PS4 and Next Xbox are as impressive as they should be.

Wii U: The Trendsetter?

We’re all still new to Nintendo’s brand new console and sequel to the original Wii. It’s only just released worldwide and with the Christmas holidays coming up, some of you might find a Wii U under your Christmas tree.

While the idea of a console and a Nintendo console at that isn't new, the Wii U’s touchscreen controller, the GamePad, is a welcome new addition to the world of console gaming. This tablet-sized controller is really the only new addition to consoles this year (and next year) but game developers are already exploring its capabilities.

Several of the Wii U’s launch titles are exclusive to the console (they won’t be released on other least not soon) and they make good use of the GamePad capabilities. FIFA 13 has a few Wii U-specific features, such as managing the match from the GamePad controller without pausing the game.

FIFA 13 The Wii U GamePad offers you extra gameplay options when playing FIFA 13, such as making changes without pausing the match.

And with many Wii U titles still in development, I expect we could be introduced to a new style of gameplay enabled by the GamePad controller and the gameplay options encouraged by the concept of a touchscreen controller working in concert with the game.

According to Helium, the GamePad controller was built with the “Legend of Zelda: Wii U” specifically in mind.

But, Rob 'Gridlock' Clegg reckons the Wii U will find itself out-dated by the time the PS4 and the next Xbox hit the market.

Much more

Of course, there is much more to look forward to in 2013 – so many titles that have yet to be announced or detailed, new gameplay spaces and controls and new worlds and imaginations we have yet to see.