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New LoL Jungle Good or Game Breaking

With all the changes to the Jungle in the 3.8 patch, it seems that Riot Games are looking to change the long standing meta.

Most of the professional players from around the world have wanted this change for a while. It is said that this change is to combat the early experience gained by the Attack Damage (AD) Carry and Support taking the double golems before the laning phase. Unfortunately, as a result, Riot Games has changed the entire jungle. Some think this is for the best, while others are very annoyed at what has happened. But that is not all, they have also nerfed some of the better jungle champions.

Of course this change was tested on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) extensively, but that is usually used by high level players. This change has a big effect on the lower level players who almost always have to start at the wolves and/or wraiths to gain that little bit of experience before taking on the big buffs.

The respawn timers on wolves and golems have also been reduced, making it that the jungler with the fastest ‘clear-time’ essentially wins. This will take a lot of champions, which have slow clear-times, out of the jungle as players opt for quicker times. For the higher level players, this might make things a little easier or it won’t change it at all, as a result of them starting at a big buff normally.

What I want to know is why didn’t Riot Games just change the timer on double golems? Very few junglers even use them and after the first few minutes of the game the AD Carry and Support can just use them anyway. This was supposed to make it so that lane swapping the AD Carry with the Top on the purple side wasn’t something almost necessary. This change however, makes it easier for the AD Carry and Support to go anywhere they like. An example is that in solo-queue a lot of AD Carries and Supports are starting to go mid lane, sometimes making it so that the Support can decide whether to help the AD Carry or Ability Power (AP) Carry that would have had to go to the bottom lane.

For me as a low level jungler, this change has made it more difficult. As a result of it, I have now moved out of the jungle as my clear-times became really bad. For those of you in the same situation I was in, I suggest trying out champions with very fast clear-times, as you might just be able to keep up with the enemy jungler if they are using a slower champion.

To me this is a very game-breaking change and has completely changed the way I play LoL. With the way that some of the better junglers have been nerfed and the complete change to jungle paths, it will be interesting to see what happens in the LoL Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL), and how the teams will adapt (or not) to the new way of playing.

Do you see this change as good or game breaking?
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