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Need for Speed: Most Wanted...Gift for Christmas

”Make Trouble”. That's the Need for Speed (NFS): Most Wanted pay-off line. And it’s an instruction on just how to play the game.

In an open and connected game world you can spend time exploring Fairhaven, take part in racing challenges or mess around with the *dastardly* local police in high-speed chases... who are desperately trying to stop you from racing.

Do Gaming’s Rob “Gridlock” Clegg praised NFS: Most Wanted in his review; both its single player campaign and the title’s multiplayer capabilities.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Need for Speed: Most Wanted is no match for Fairhaven's finest - the police.

In the game, a variety of cars can be found scattered throughout the city. “Each car that you pick up becomes a permanent part of your garage and you are able to switch between them using the new EasyDrive feature,” says Clegg. Once you’ve picked up the car you can compete in races and challenges to win a performance upgrade and EasyDrive lets you mod your car while driving.

And if you play on Kinect there’s an added feature: you can shout at your television to mod your car.

But NFS: Most Wanted isn’t just about racing: it’s about smashing things and making trouble. Set off speed cameras and annoy the cops or smash through billboards and fences to unlock new challenges throughout Fairhaven. This is especially fun when playing with friends.

“Whoever gets the most air and crashing through a billboard or who sets the fastest speed at the speed camera are just two examples of the fun that can be had in multiplayer. Even in single player mode while connected to the Internet, your friends will have their pictures up on billboards for whoever went through it at the fastest speed,” says Clegg.

For everything you’re not supposed to do while driving, especially when driving limited edition or luxury cars, NFS: Most Wanted offers the chance to be as bad as you can be behind the wheel of some of the world’s best cars.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted It's all about being a troublemaker: smash things at high speeds to unlock challenges and get your mug on a billboard.

Winners chosen!

The winner of Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PC is our 12 Days 'til Christmas competition day has been drawn and it is:

Dean 'Cslling' Goosen

The winner of Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Xbox 360 is our 12 Days 'til Christmas competition day has been drawn and it is:

Wesley '---Jo---' Parry

The question was: What is the pay-off line for Need for Speed: Most Wanted?

The answer? Make Trouble.

Congratulations. Please make sure your postal and contact details are correct on our system. Your prizes will be be delivered shortly. Thanks to EA for sponsoring these two prizes.

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