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The Most Memorable Game Intros

Recently the Do Gaming team and I were reminiscing around the best game intros in our gaming lifetimes. You know, the kind of game intro that gives you a chill down your spine and makes you say, "Now THIS is going to epic." Or the kind of intro that makes you laugh and say, "Now THIS is going to be fun."

We asked a few readers on the Do Gaming Facebook page what they thought. What follows is a list of what we as a team thought were some of gaming's best intros and what readers thought.

Of course, some of these intros are laughable by today's standards but at the time they really evoked all kinds of emotions and imaginations. So take them for what they are and in context.

This is really just to get the conversation going – post your most memorable intros in the comments section below.

Enjoy! These are in no particular order.

Bioshock intro

The way this introduction is put together just works – you're immediately put into the creepy and psychological mood of Bioshock. When Ryan says 'Rapture' and the screen opens up with your first visuals of this underwater dystopia, you know you're in for something new and unique.

Half-life intro

Who can forget the original Half-Life intro? Need I say more?

Heavy Rain intro

The intro to Quantic Dreams' dark adventure thriller sets the mood perfectly for what you're about to experience. Really hoping we see more in this vein as gaming moves forward.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentation cinematic

Marco Arcangeli on Facebook posted this one and it also came up in our office discussions. Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, undergoes augmentation surgery – without his consent – in an effort to save his life. This becomes a major part of Jensen's emotional development throughout the game.

Deus Ex intro

For good measure, here's the introduction for the original Deus Ex.

Sacred 2 intro

Christian Frederik Steenkamp liked this one. Although he admits the game didn't live up to expectations, it was a pretty good intro. We agree.

Final Fantasy 8 intro

All of the Final Fantasy trailers kept coming up in conversations, but Final Fantasy VIII was specifically mentioned. Enjoy.

SKATE intro

The introductions for SKATE always included some real video appearances of the celeb skaters to be featured in the game. SKATE, the original, continues to be the best. It's funny and puts you in the mood for the skater vibe straight away.

Day of the Tentacle intro

It's old but for its time was brilliant, witty and showcased LucasArts' cartoon style that set the graphical tone for many of the studios' future games. LucasArts always knew how to make a good cartoon adventure and Day of the Tentacle was top of the line.

Wing Commander 3 intro

Wing Commander 3 was the first game in the history of gaming to sport the kind of production it did. Real-life video complete with famous actors such as John Rhys-Davies (Gimli in The Lord of the Rings), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) and a host of others you will recognise.

The storyline for Wing Commander was altogether epic and I often wonder why we haven't seen a reboot of this in recent years. Who knows, we might?

Because the intro is so long it seems only available in two parts. Both are below.

Mechwarrior 3 intro

The intro for Mechwarrior 3 was awesome because, as Robert 'Infy' Hart put it, mechs attack each other and that's pretty much what makes it awesome.

Diablo 1 intro

This one was one of the favourites of Steve 'Wonderer' Whitford, Do Gaming editor. The is the intro for the Warrior character in Diablo 1.

Baldur's Gate 2 intro

Another of our editor's favourite! Baldur's Gate perhaps needs no introduction. Well, except for this video of course.

Legend of Kyrandia intro

Another legendary intro from adventure gaming's high years. Legend of Kyrandia was developed by Westwood Studios. Anyone who knows gaming knows that Westwood Studios are Blizzard today.

Mass Effect 2 intro

Probably now one of the best sci-fi gaming franchises ever, Mass Effect 2's intro introduces the main players in the story and it's full of suspension and action. Brilliant.

Metal Gear Solid Intro (PS1 Version)

All of the Metal Gear Solid (MGS) intros kept coming back. So here's the intro for the original.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Cinematic Opening

Here's the intro for MGS 4.

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