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Doom Bots Done For

Doom Bots was the latest in a series of gameplay modes released by Riot Games for League of Legends (LoL). Each gameplay mode would only be available for a small period, after which it goes in the vault and “might” be a viable gameplay mode for the future.

Since the beginning there has only been one gameplay mode that has truly tickled the fancy of the Summoners, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF). For some, Doom Bots has followed in the same way.

With every enemy champion having one or more abilities tweaked to make them rather difficult to beat, it was a tough time for some to get past level five. It was a fun and truly exasperating time but if your team won, you would rejoice, if it lost, many Summoners would call it overpowered.

My experience with the Doom Bots spanned quite a number of frustrating games, with some players going AFK after being beaten in 1v1’s a couple of times. The actual bots weren’t as bad as some said, be that as it may, you could very rarely move out past your tower and play aggressively.

There were a couple times when pushing out was a viable option, but it was best to do it before level six so as not to have insane ultimate abilities thrust upon you. Things like Mega Tibbers and most Area of Effect (AoE) ultimate abilities being so much bigger than normal makes for some very interesting gameplay.

It is unfortunate that it had to end so soon, it is obvious that this round of featured gameplay mode was a success and now it is gone. Now we wait to see what else Riot Games can come up with to make Summoners’ have just a little more diversity.

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