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Diablo 3 v2.0 – Whats New?

There has recently been a massive overhaul in Diablo 3 that changes almost everything besides the story line, making the game look and feel better than it ever has before.

I was not a fan of Diablo 3 when it released. The first few days you couldn’t even log on, the overall storyline for the game was incredibly weak, and the loot was not satisfying at all. In addition once you hit level 60 paragon levels did not do much for your character, so the replayability was severely affected.

In what is actually a surprising move for a gaming company (it doesn’t happen often), Blizzard swallowed its pride and went back to fix their broken game, and I’m very pleased to say that they have.

The auction house as of yesterday is officially no more in Diablo 3, so you will have to rely on the new guilds system if you want to trade, although apparently soon you will not be allowed to trade gold either, a measure taken to prevent gold farming.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls releases on the 25 March, and Blizzard is currently running an experience bonus for players wanting to level up new characters quickly before the expansion’s launch.

In my latest video I take you through all the recent changes in Diablo 3, and explain in a bit of detail how the changes have impacted the game. Check out my video below:

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