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Zynga to Shut Its Japan Studio

In October, Zynga announced it was shutting down its 13 worst performing games. It also shut its Boston studio and cut 5 per cent of its staff.

CVG reports that Zynga’s announced it will be shutting its Japan studio on 31 January.

Zynga also confirmed its closure of 11 of these games... so far; as the drowning social games firm continues to battle financially.

Fishville Fishville was one of the first to go - Zynga began shutting its games down in December.

These are the games that have been shut, will be shut or have been pulled from app stores, awaiting the chopping block:

    • PetVille - Shut down December 30th
    • Mafia Wars 2 - Shut down December 30th
    • FishVille - Shut down December 5th
    • Vampire Wars - Shut down December 5th
    • Treasure Isle - Shut down December 5th
    • Indiana Jones Adventure World - Closed to new players, shuts down January 14th
    • Mafia Wars Shakedown - Pulled from app stores
    • Forestville - Pulled from app stores
    • Montopia - Shut down December 21st
    • Mojitomo - Pulled from app stores
    • Word Scramble Challenge - Pulled from app stores