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XCOM DLC Incoming

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be receiving two downloadable content (DLC) packs and the first will be coming out this week for gamers who may have finished the game and hope to play some more this year.

The first of the two DLC packs is “Slingshot” and will have with it a two-hour story arc that provides gamers with three missions which play a role in the campaign. The missions blend into the existing storyline and weave a new mini-narrative into the game.

The DLC pack is supposed to go on sale on 4 December so keep your eyes peeled. For Xbox gamers, it can be grabbed for 560 Microsoft points while PC gamers can expect it for just $6.99 (around R65). The DLC also brings with it a lot of new headgear which gamers can use to get involved with the team customisation.

“Slingshot” is not something that will just be playable in the game though, according to Polygon. The missions aren’t playable back-to-back but will arrive as transmissions from the funding council throughout the course of the title.

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