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Wii U Spin The Bottle...For Kids?

Spin The Bottle on Wii U: an “innocent game for innocent kids.”

Well, that’s the explanation from Copenhagen-based KnapNok Games and the Swedish indie developers, Redgrim.

According to Eurogamer, Spin The Bottle’s biggest selling point is that it takes the game beyond the television set.

Spin The Bottle It's not just a game about smooching your secret crush - the game pairs you up to do silly activities.

KnapNok explains: “The fact that Nintendo’s Wii U console is the first console which let[s] you play with [a] turned off TV screen, [making] it an obvious platform for a party game where players look at each other rather than the screen.”

Spin The Bottle is due to released next year and has a *really weird* teaser video.