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Wii U Basic Set Storage is Only 3GB

If you were thinking about buying the Wii U Basic Console Set, think again. CVG reports that the Basic model has just 3GB of internal storage.

The advertised capacity is 8GB for the Basic model and 32GB for the Deluxe (the Premium Set, as we know it). But Nintendo has now confirmed that the console will set aside 4.2GB for profile data and firmware updates – that’s a huge number, considering it only has 8GB available.

And while it's acceptable that you always get a little less than the advertised capacity of storage devices, 52,5 perdent of the internal storage seems too much (or, rather, too little!) So, in the end, you’ll only have 3GB of actual internal storage. And on the Premium Set, about 25GB.

Wii U The Wii U Basic Set: Only 3GB of internal storage?

Let’s break it down: the Wii U discs hold 25GB of data and many of the retail games, including the digital downloads, hardly ever use the entire disc. New Super Mario Bros. U takes up 2GB and Nintendo Land – a Wii U launch title – takes up 3.2GB.

The Wii U officially launches in the United States on Sunday and will be released in Europe on 30 November.