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Watch Some Unreal Tournament Deathmatch

Epic Games has released a new video for its upcoming free-to-play competitive first person shooter, Unreal Tournament, and shows off the developers playing a game of team deathmatch.

The new Unreal Tournament was announced earlier this year, and is in development by a “small team of UT veterans” at Epic Games. The developers have promised the game will be free-to-play with no micro-transactions and regular content updates, but it is still way too early in the game’s development to worry about its business model.

The team is currently focusing on Deathmatch only in terms of game modes, but is planning to add standard modes like Capture the Flag and Onslaught down the line.

Joe Wilcox, gameplay programmer for Unreal Tournament, explains what the team has been focussing on:
"The biggest thing we really zeroed in on was the movement mechanics and how we move through the world. That's where we've focused most of our time. "The weapons are coming online which is really great, the sniper rifle is now somewhat useable, so it has been a good set of changes."

Although the game is still in its infancy, it already shows incredible potential to be a Telkom DGL candidate in future, although that may still be years away from actually happening.

Check out the video here: