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WarZ: The Big Fat Scam

A disgruntled, ex-forum mod for WarZ has gone public with a lot of information and has been explicit about the behaviour of the development team, Hammerpoint Interactive.

Earlier in the year, we looked at a YouTube video stating the game was a cheap copy from another game that was in development. Just a month ago, another embarrassing blunder occurred where the team copied the League of Legends terms of service and as it turns out, perhaps the game has been a cheap rip-off all along.

The forum post in question is from someone called “DevinH” who claims to be an ex-forum moderator on the WarZ forums. His topic, “Hey Rhino, You Were Right About WarZ”, where “Rhino” is the person that made the YouTube video we referred to earlier.

The ex-forum moderator claims that WarZ is a direct port over form War Inc. and the development team took the game and added non-player characters (NPCs) into it, made a large map and changed around the camera angles and gun settings while adding more functionality to the game. He also claims that the team randomly bans accounts that have a certain amount of time spent playing in-game so that the customers are then forced to buy the game again under a different name. But perhaps his biggest claim is this one:

“They plan to HALT DEVELOPMENT AND ABANDON THE GAME in SIX months if revenue is not enough for them (I.E. People are not buying GC and spending the f*$# out of it) -- take note, if they do not get ENOUGH revenue. They will have enough revenue to pay for the game development for over a year at this point in time already, but if they don't get enough to give themselves regular raises they will stop making the game and shut down the servers and website.”

Interestingly enough, there were a lot of gamers who would often say that WarZ is “nothing but a cheap imitation” but other gamers just played it and have enjoyed it. I suppose we will only be able to know for sure until the development team responds to the allegations made by the so-called former moderator.