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Valve Drew Over 20 Million Views for TI4

Valve’s The International 4 was without a doubt the biggest eSports event to happen in the month of July, and according to the developer, had some pretty big viewer statistics to boot.

According to Valve, the concurrent online viewers peaked at about two million viewers, which is more than double the most concurrent viewers for The International 3. Overall throughout the tournament, Dota 2 brought in over 20 million unique viewers, which is a pretty impressive figure.

The International 4 saw 16 teams fight it out for almost $11 million dollars in prize pool, and is to date the largest eSports tournament in history.

Since NewBee took home the Aegis and the five million dollar first prize, the Dota 2 community has been ripe with rumours and suspicions about the roster changes that always happen after such a big tournament, but nothing as of yet has been confirmed.

The impressive viewership can also be seen as a huge positive on the local front as well. With the growing interest in eSports around the world and with major sports networks such as ESPN beginning to be vocal about their dedication and surprise at just how well eSports is doing, it may not be too far of a leap to see games from the DGL on some local sports shows in the not too distant future.