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UK Govt Fines Sony for 2011 Hack

The UK government investigating the 2011 Sony PlayStation hack have fined Sony £250,000 (about R3, 5 million) and criticised Sony’s data protection policies.

According to Eurogamer, the UK authorities described the hack attack as a “serious breach of the Data Protection Act”.

The attack exposed the personal information of Sony’s 77 million PlayStation customers after hackers got into the database that holds customer names, dates of birth, addresses and passwords, while credit card details were also “left at risk”.

Sony Sony's PlayStation customers were left exposed following a massive hack attack in 2011.

The authorities say that the hack attack could have been prevented if Sony had ensured that its security was up-to-date.

“The penalty we’ve issued today is clearly substantial, but we make no apologies for that. The case is one of the most serious ever reported to us. It directly affected a huge number of consumers, and at the very least put them at risk of identity theft,” says the report.

Sony strongly disagrees with this ruling and plans to launch an appeal.