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E3: Ubisoft Press Conference

At E3 2012 Ubisoft kicked off with a Just Dance 4 presentation with Flo-Rida live on stage and brought in the Internet sensation “Tobuscus” to help the Ubisoft conference on its way.

Far Cry 3 was the second game up for Ubisoft and the opening presentation was followed by what can only be described as some soft-core virtual porn to kick things off. The open-world of the game looks amazing and the environments in the live action demo look almost faultless. It looks like they're aiming for a very adult audience because there is a lot of vulgar language as well. From what was shown at the press conference, it seems the ‘mental’ issue is still there.

Gamers may remember in Far Cry 2 that malaria was a prevalent issue causing the protagonist to act strange at times and this “craziness” seems to have been taken to a brand new level in Far Cry 3. The game is all about freedom and the developers have said that there are a bunch of islands to discover just in single player which leads us to believe there will be a lot more on offer.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist took the spotlight next with the creative director, Max Beland. The game is being hailed as the “biggest Splinter Cell” the team has ever done. It will feature a bigger and better co-op and the release trailer was shown for all eagerly awaiting gamers.

Along with that, Ubisoft have some more games emerging this year with little info on each:

  • The Avengers: Battle for Earth is another Ubisoft title that plans to make a dent on the pockets of gamers this year.
  • Rayman will be back by Ubisoft for the Wii-U and, using the Wii-U game pad, gamers will be able to drag their fingers to move the character across the screen.
  • Keeping with Wii-U exclusives, ZombiU is a survival zombie apocalypse game that will also be coming from Ubisoft soon.
  • ShootMania is still in alpha but Ubisoft had a 3 vs. 3 on-stage with the shooter from the TrackMania developers.
Assassin’s Creed 3 is another popular title that is heading towards gamers this year and this was actually the first game seen at E3 that was demonstrated on a PlayStation 3.

Gamers will take control of Connor Kenway who is placed between 1753 and 1783 during the American Revolution. The game seems to feature some run-of-the-mill Assassin’s Creed mechanics with a few subtle improvements here and there that make it a little more exciting. Ubisoft seem to have stuck with the same “block, reverse, killing-blow” mechanic too. On the bright side, the game does appear to be a little more “free”, allowing gamers to move about in a sneakier fashion.

Ubisoft’s new IP that has been under development for two years was announced by Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft co-founder and CEO. Watch Dogs is about a man named Raymond Kenny who unleashes a virus following a black-out in the USA. At a time where computers control cities and private companies control the computers, humans are known as data clusters which is a commodity farmed by said companies. The game itself is played in an open city where the city becomes the weapon as the protagonist, Aiden Pierce has control over most things electronic. Gamers can use the violence obsessed Pierce with his gift of power over technology which allows him to cut out electronics, hack into surveillance cameras or even control traffic lights to achieve his goals.