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Twitch adds Host Mode

Twitch.TV has added an all new feature for broadcasters, called “Host Mode”, which is designed to turn the platform more towards a television style of broadcasting.

Broadcasters will be able to embed streams into their own feed when they are offline, allowing them to show their users what streams they enjoy watching. Viewers watching the hosted stream will be attributed to the original source, with all the subscribe buttons and channel info below, meaning the content creature will be given the ad impressions for revenue.

Yoh Suzuki, senior product engineer at Twitch.TV, talks about the new feature:
"At our core, Twitch is a live video destination, so we're very interested in increasing the social connectivity between users.

We want to help our community discover new broadcasters and give users new and better ways of communicating with each other. Host Mode is a significant step in this direction with other new social features just around the corner."