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Torchlight 2 Release Date Announced

Runic Games announced the release date for Torchlight 2 at PAX Prime this weekend through a video depicting the release for 20 September.

The video, seen below, makes the game look like something it's going to be really good. Runic Games has been hard at work on the game and it definitely shows. This may actually be something that could fill that void that Diablo 2 created and Diablo 3 should have filled. Heroes may fall but new Heroes will arise indeed…

Included in the release of Torchlight 2 will be the support of the Steam Workshop as well. The mod tools are expected to be released a few weeks after the launch of the game and in an interview with GameSpy, Travis Baldree, Runic president said he is looking forward to seeing what gamers come up with.

Baldree expects to see a lot of fan-made armour sets and items in Torchlight 2 than in the first because of the way the development team has changed the way they are sized to the different classes.