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THQ and South Park Studios Battle it Out

THQ and South Park Studios come to blows as South Park Studios objects to the sale of the upcoming game, South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Do Gaming spoke about THQ selling off its assets title by title as well as studios, and the auction went ahead yesterday. South Park Studios are holding things together though because it wants to have a final say in who gets the license for the game.

South Park Studios filed a preliminary objection to the sale of the game after granting THQ the use of South Park trademarks and copyrights almost two years ago. The deal that was struck between THQ and South Park Studios claims that THQ was allowed exclusive use of said trademarks and if the game does end up getting completed by someone else, THQ owes South Park Studios quite a substantial amount of money. The deal also states that South Park Studios can exercise its option to acquire all the elements of the game from THQ.

THQ filed a reply to the court allowing the sale in the THQ auction to go ahead and will work toward a consensual resolution with South Park Studios to settle the debt. The THQ auction was set to take place yesterday and the hearing on the sale will be happening today. It will only be a few more hours before gamers find out where some of their favourite franchises have gone as companies like EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and Double Fine have all shown interest in the THQ auction.