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QL-DGL Theosis

Paulo ‘Theosis’ Oliveira shares top spot of the DGL Quake Live Premier Division following a forfeit from Pieter 'Senshi' van Nieuwenhuizen and a crushing victory against Mark ‘M4nimal’ Gazard.

The new-comer, who is set to face xtc.fnx_za later this week shares his thoughts on the Quake Live competitive scene, training and tactics.

Do Gaming: You managed to kick off your Winter Leg campaign with a win that sees you jump to the top of the log. How have you been preparing for the Leg?

Oliveira: I try train every day, at least two games. Of course, my main sparring partner is Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali who, in my opinion, is South Africa’s top player at the moment.

Away from the arena, I like to spectate professional international players. I don’t have the time to analyse my own games and instead try and pick up on key things that the pros execute well.

DG: After sweeping aside Mark ‘M4nimal’ Gazard, how do you feel going into your matchup against his teammate, xtc.fnx_za?

Oliveira: Every member of XTC is a strong duel player and fnx is always a tough match. Generally, it comes down to who is having the better day, accuracy and map control will win you the game.

DG: How do you prepare going into each match-week?

Oliveira: Preparation for each game comes down to routine. I analyse my opponent’s strengths and weaknesses as well as eliminating his strongest maps.If I face a veteran opponent, I tend to eliminate the classic archaic maps like Blood Run and Campgrounds.

DG: What would you feel is your worst map?

Oliveira: Blood Run, simple due to a lack of experience. My best map however is Aerowalk – it just feels like home.

DG: Nearly 50 players signed up for the Quake Live Winter Leg. Why do you feel the Quake community remains so prominent after all these years?

Oliveira: Quake is addictive. Although it can be frustrating when you first start off, as you improve it becomes a lot of fun. As your aim and movement improve, so do your results.

DG: What drives your passion for an Arena FPS title like Quake?

Oliveira: Personally, I feel Quake Live is the perfect Arena FPS. The duel aspect of the game is by far the most difficult to learn, but is also the most rewarding. It’s a lot like a game of chess, requiring reactive decision making for example, when playing an evenly matched opponent, it is vital to ensure you have map control and the majority of health and armour because in a fight, both players have fairly equal aim.

At the same time you must constantly think of newways to outsmart your opponent for the next in-game encounter. This psychological aspect combines perfectly with the physical aspect of being able to move rapidly around an arena, while using a wide variety of well-balanced weapons.

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